The site is a free to use and free of charge indexing site for the referencing of vegan organic (veganic) farms that do not breed animals and do not use any inputs of animal origin.

Some of these farms are certified by a certification body, some are members of a vegan farming association and others are only declared vegan by their owners. In this site, we index only farms that are 100% free of animal husbandry and 100% free of animal inputs.

We also list vegan organic farmers’ associations, processing and trading companies as well as control and certification bodies dedicated to the distribution and certification of products derived from veganic farming.

Are you a vegan organic farmer or an association or company involved in the promotion of veganic farming and/or the distribution of veganic products? Get indexed on the map using our form by clicking here.

We also post information on upcoming events on vegan agriculture in the blog section.

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